Oh, Snow….Where Did You Go?

By Tyler Williams

February, a month dedicated to love, is also one that is usually cold. Most Februarys in Pittsburgh feature something that we did not have much of this year: snow.

If you ask most adults, they probably didn’t mind the mild winter.  They did not have to constantly get snow off their cars nor worry about ice causing accidents. They also did not have to salt their driveways and steps. It was a great winter for those who dislike winter.

But that doesn’t mean everyone was happy. Some people have spent weeks praying for more of the white stuff.

For example, ski resorts and those who use them had a rough winter. Without any natural snow, ski places have a difficult time producing fake snow. Places near Pittsburgh such as Seven Springs and Hidden Valley could not have enjoyed this snowless season.

But the people who enjoy ski resorts aren’t the only ones that wanted snow…many children did too!

There may no longer be traditional snow days because education can done virtually, but no snow meant that kids couldn’t go outside and make snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels. It was a bad winter for kids who crave two-hour delays and FID days.

March is halfway gone but could we still get a major snow storm?

Yes, but it is unlikley. The coming weeks look cold so we could get a couple flurries, but it doesn’t look like any major storms are coming in 2023. A typical March produces around three inches for Pittsburgh, though we have had late-season snowstorms that produce eight inches or more.

What are the effects of the odd phenomenon?

Snow doesn’t just make the ground cold. It actually keeps the life underground nice and warm. A winter winter without a lot of affects everything from plants to wildlife.

Even though we may have to wait a while to see a real snowfall, here are some interesting facts about snow:

*There must be pollen or dust in the air to form snow.

*It takes about an hour for a snowflake to reach the ground.

*Snow is translucent or clear, but to us it is white.

*Every snowflake has six sides.

What place gets the most snow? Aomori City, Japan. It gets 312 inches or 26 feet of snow each year. You wouldn’t be able to see a giraffe.

Each year, Pittsburgh gets an average 44 inches of snow. This year was different. The total amount of snow for February 2023 was measured at an estimated 0.2 inches.  We got more snow in April of 2018 measuring at 0.9 inches. With spring right around the corner we will start to forget about snow and start thinking of warmth. Who knows, maybe next year Pittsburgh will see one foot of snow.

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