About the SAMS Salmon

The SAMS Salmon is a student-created publication covering the happenings of Shaler Area Middle School. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Shaler Area School District.

Editor-in-Chief: Christian Mendoza

Contributors: Bella Minyo, Andrew Mitchell, Kathryn Luft, Emma Cochran, Rebecca Cantafio, Tobias Cuda, Sally Engel, Gabrielle Exler, Alexis Frisbee, Izzy Gehringer, Kaylee Graf, Colby Hartley, Grace Helbling, Sophia Mazer, Rose Molnar, Nicholas Mulkerin, Kiarra Recchion, Daniel Tutek, Katie Williams

Staff advisor: Brian J. Duermeyer Contact: Duermeyerb@sasd.k12.pa.us

The Salmon’s original logo was retired with the launch of the 2020 website.
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