Ah, What a Day — Here’s how PGH should enjoy a warm, 70 degree winter day

Pittsburgh was treated to a rare 72 degree day at the end of February. Teachers responded by opening classroom windows, holding class outside, and enjoying the spring-like breeze. Five SAMS students shared their suggestions for how to best spend a 70-degree day in the middle of winter.

Here’s how Pittsburgh celebrates a 70-degree day at the end of February: by taking a walk to Burchfield park then playing hopscotch all day and night; by going to Fall Run or taking a run; by playing with friends and then riding your new bike around Shaler’s school; by daydreaming in Shaler’s classes and eating lunch on silky smooth grass; by reading in a tree and getting stung by a bee; by sitting in the the grass with the sun on my face and eating Kona Ice on the curbside of Shaler Middle School at night; by wanting the day to just be over and bragging to your friends that your cousin is coming over; by just wanting to go on vacation and swim ’til the day is over; by letting the cool AC hit your face and sitting on the porch watching the birds fly over; by realizing it’s just a daydream and it’s really Feburary.  — By Ava Swick

Fall Run Park offers stunning views including a waterfall.

Here’s how Pittsburgh celebrates a 70-degree day at the end of February: by going downtown to ride the Incline: by taking out the grill for the first time and putting Heinz ketchup on: by taking a trip to North Park: by going to Kiwanis with your friends and playing basketball and swimming: by going to a Pirates game: by walking everywhere and riding your bike to your friends: by staying up late to watch sunsets: by getting ready for summer and getting out all your outside chairs: by seeing the grass getting greener and the sky getting bluer: by waiting for spring break: by waiting for the last stretch of school until summer break: by getting home from school and staying outside as much as you can: by noticing that it’s light outside longer. — By Lila Maurer

Kiwanis Park is a great place to spend a warm afternoon.

Here’s how Pittsburgh celebrates a 70-degree day at the end of February: By getting used to the bright sunlight outside; By feeling the nice breeze; By taking a walk around the Shaler Middle School track; By looking at the ants on the concrete; By getting pizza at Papa Johns for lunch; By watching the birds fly, and listening to them tweet; By playing with my neighbors; By talking with my friends; By lounging in the sun; By eating chocolate; By watching the chocolate melt in my hands; By swinging on my tire swing; By having a picnic at Hartwood Acres; By eating soft serve ice cream from Rita’s; By picking the grown plants out of the garden; By exploring trails; By climbing trees; By eating hotdogs; and by riding my bike. It’s lovely being outside on a 70-degree day. I wish it wasn’t over. — By Logan Tepshich

Walking the track is a great way to enjoy sunshine.

Here’s how Pittsburgh celebrates a 70-degree day at the end of February: By walking the dog on roads that echo the laughs of small children; by taking a ride in the car just to feel wind hit your face; by walking barefoot in fresh green grass; by starting a game with the neighborhood kids in a nearby park; by listening to music under the shade of a tall tree; by drinking fresh cold lemonade on a swinging bench under the warm sun; by running home after a visit to the park to get the last popsicle; by using the hose as a sprinkler to cool off after the hot day; by trying to settle your hair in the gentle wind; by watching the clouds, trying to make out the different shapes that float across the sky; by sitting with your friends at the nearest ice cream shop, enjoying your favorite flavor; by watching floating leaves fly though the soft wind; by racing down hill on creaky old bikes; by tossing a stone to jump after in a game of hopscotch; by reading a book with the company of only the shining sun; by running as fast as you can through a empty field, losing your breath and maybe even a shoe; by sitting out wondering in awe about anything and everything as the sun fills you with warmth; by sitting on the porch to finish that assignment you’ve been put off; by cracking a laugh at the bad joke Dad had just made at “family bonding time” under the heat of the sun; by watching the clock to see how long you had enjoyed the beautiful day, wondering why it had to leave so soon.” — By Layla Lehmeier 

A 70-degree day is a great reason to take a bike ride.

Here’s how Pittsburgh celebrates a 70-degree day at the end of February:  By taking your newest assignment outside to do; by doodling your next masterpiece on a public bench; by going to Rita’s and finding your favorite flavor; by finding the best shade to listen to music under; by opening all the widows in your room and watching your favorite movie; by changing from the old jeans, to the new jean shorts; by prying your second-hand bike out from under the discolored tarp; by pulling the too-small coats out from the closet; by organizing your Winter clothes, and taking out the Summers; by counting down the minutes until you get to walk out into the sun towards your bus; by calling friends and chatting about Summer plans; by taking off your muddy tennis shoes and slipping on the new flip-flops; searching through your creaky dresser to find the swim suits that might just be too small; by thinking, ‘Maybe the pools will open early this year’; by cleaning your house to the sound of cars passing by; by walking to the gas station for a cold bottle of water; by asking if your friends want to hang after school, since the weather reminds you of the feeling you get when you remember its finally Friday; by finding those spots around town you wouldn’t have found if it was freezing; by remembering the day before was 30 degrees, and yet today is 70; by sitting down to read the next best-seller. — By Robbie Galbraith

Warm weather is a reason to eat Rita’s ice.

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