Smile, you’re probably on camera

By Brady Nickel

You may have noticed several new cameras in the hallways and stairwells in and around SAMS. The cameras are being added in an effort to keep students and staff safe and to crack down on bad behaviors at school.

Once the installation is completed later this spring, school administrators and district police officers will have access to live footage from dozens of locations. The real-time footage will be displayed on two large television screens in the main office, where Mr. Catanese, the SAMS dean, can monitor the day-to-day happenings of the hallways.

In addition to helping with the enforcement of school rules, the new system will assist district police by allowing them to see any criminal behavior, such as vaping or theft.

“We are looking to stop things such as tardiness or any criminal behaviors,” Officer Spiker said. “We are able to watch the main doors and keep tabs on everything including the security officers.”

Officer Spiker said that cameras are an excellent deterrent and way to collect evidence. “The camera doesn’t lie,” he said. “We do not want any victims out there.”

While the cameras are helpful in stopping bad behaviors, they can also alleviate other problems. For example, they can help stop any trespassing that happens on school grounds. They will also provide additional safety to anyone who is inside SAMS.

“The goal of all of the cameras is to keep us safe,” Officer Spiker said. 

The district already uses a similar security system at the High School, where administrators can watch everything from what is happening inside of the lunch room to what is going on in the parking lot. 

Students here will not be told everything the system can do, but they should know that it eliminates any blind spots that were not visible from the old cameras.

“The cameras are going to be widespread throughout the building. There will be many more than there are currently,” Assistant Principal Biagiarelli said. “We will be able to see a live view of every angle of the school. There will be no dead zones with the placement of these cameras. We will be able to see everything inside and outside of the school.”

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