Halloween Candy: The good, the bad, and ugly

With Halloween quickly approaching, kids everywhere are dreaming of the mounds of candy they will earn while Trick or Treating.

There are tons of sweet options, but what are the best, worst, and weirdest kinds of Halloween candies? From Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to Popcorn balls to wax candies, the Salmon Staff discussed the good, the bad, and the weird of America’s sweetest night.


Our best Halloween candy list features traditional and classic candies, with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups topping our good list.

Reese’s PBC are among the world’s best-selling and most popular candies. We love the silky combination of chocolate and peanut butter and enjoy the different ways one can eat a PBC. One staff member admitted that she “skins” the cup with her teeth and eats the peanut butter before the chocolate. We also agreed that this candy is among the most likely to be stolen by a parent.

Skittles were another popular staff choice. A nice alternative to chocolate, the sugary and sweet candy landed on our good list. We also love the colorful appearance and chewy texture.

M&Ms candies — we love the small size and various colors — were also a staff favorite. Whether they are chocolate or peanut filled, M&Ms are among the best candy on the planet.

They are excellent alone but also great when sprinkled into a snack (think trail mix).


The staff loves Twix bars because of the combination of caramel and wafer that practically melts in your mouth. The crunch when biting down on the bar and the sweet ingredients makes Twix a perfect Halloween candy. The staff couldn’t decide whether the right or the left bar was better.

The Kit Kat is another staff favorite. We love to have these when in need of a break. Kit Kats are delicious thanks to a chocolate wafer bar with creamy peanut butter inside. They come with a variety of flavors such as white chocolate and milk chocolate. There is even an orange
Kit Kat bar that is underrated. The bar is smooth, and a Kit Kats’ crunch is immaculate.

Nerds are easy to eat and good tasting. The staff likes the variety of colors and lumpy and hard textures that somehow melt on your tongue. It is cool how Nerds come in different sizes but how each box feels like they have the same amount in them.


Finally, the staff loves Hershey bars because they simply taste good. One of the best things about Hershey bars is the variety that they come in. Some are milk chocolate and others have almonds or wafer. Regardless, we like every type of Hershey bar.

While we love candy, we agreed that some Halloween candy options are not any good. We know they are popular, but Twizzlers landed on our bad list. We find the long, gummy candies to be bland compared to other non-chocolate options.

Almond Joy candy bars also made our bad list. We just do not like them. Maybe it is the coconut (yuck) or how it mixes with the almonds and chocolate. Either way, we would prefer many other candies.

Black licorice is another bad Halloween candy. We have yet to meet someone who likes it.


Milk Duds are also terrible. We hate the way they look and think they aren’t sweet enough for a chocolate candy. We also dislike the way they stick to your teeth. Milk Duds are a great candy to throw into the trash.

We know this is controversial, but we dislike Candy corn. This candy looks way better than it actually is. Candy corn is too sugary. The first bite is OK but anyone eating it quickly grows tired of the sugar rush.

Finally, we talked about some Halloween treats that are just plain weird. Have you ever received a tooth brush on Halloween? We bet the person handing those out is a lot of fun at parties (NOT). How about wax candies? Are they even edible?? One neighbor handed out the weirded Halloween treat we’ve ever heard of: Mac n Cheese cups. We love Mac n Cheese, but what in the world is this person thinking? Lastly, we hate when people hand out cans of pop. They are heavy to carry and it feels like those giving them simply forgot to buy candy.


NOTE: Honorable mention for “good” Halloween candy included Crunch bars, Snickers, Milky Ways, and Three Musketeers. 

Staff writers Paige Jurgensen, Ainsley Ingram, Casey Kirsch, Brooke Eshenbaugh, Layla Hatch, and Eloria McMarlin contributed to this story.

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