Local theater company performs for students

By The Salmon Staff

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, SAMS students were treated to a theatrical performance of “The Choice,” a cautionary tale about the long term risks of vaping.

The performance was conducted by the Saltworks Theater company, a professional arts company that specializes in the emotional and spiritual needs of young people. The non-profit, which has produced educational dramas since 1981, performs at schools, churches, and youth groups.

The five-person cast of “The Choice” featured Lauren Scheller-Wolf, Trevor Buda, Michael Kirk, Shane Callahan, and Lexie Hellinger. The drama focuses on the dangers of addiction and the long-term damage caused by vaping. Seventh graders were treated after Period 6 and the eighth graders after Period 9.

It followed a mother and son on a game-show style journey that predicts alternative futures. One future projected the successes and accomplishments of a healthy person and the other warned of the long term dangers of vaping, e-cigarettes, and smoking. The show took a closer look at the permanent damage smoking and vaping does to a person’s brain, including the chemicals released when smoke and artificial smoke is inhaled.

Shane and Lexi are former SAMS students who have become professional actors. During the question and answer session following the performance, they spoke of SAMS teachers they remembered fondly.

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