How To Incorporate Your Mask Into Your Halloween Costume

By Emma Cochran

Halloween is right around the corner, except this year, it will be different. We will have to wear masks with our costumes. You might be thinking, “Oh no! My costume is ruined!” Or you might  be thinking, “Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.” But others might be thinking how they can just add their mask into their costume! If you were one of the first two, let me introduce you to the world of creativity while I help you find a great mask to go with your costume!

The first and most obvious idea is to just build a costume around your mask. For example, an insane surgeon! Get a set of scrubs from a Halloween store and throw some red color on there. Use a disposable mask and mess up your hair. You can of course add some other touches, but there’s an easy costume right there! Another easy one would be a ninja. Get a dark colored gator style mask and wear all black! Maybe throw in a fake sword or a red belt. Either way, there you go!

Now, if you are willing to spend a little money, you could go online and buy a mask with a cool design on it. I have seen some with skeleton mouths, clowns mouths, pumpkin mouths, and lots more. You could get one of these masks and add in a little Halloween makeup, some themed clothes, and you have yourself a costume!

The last option, which is my favorite, is to DIY it. You could go hard core and sew your own mask, or take the route I did and just decorate one! A few ideas would be a sugar skull, normal skeleton, zombie, a creepy doll, or maybe just a creepy mouth. You can sketch your design on a piece of paper, then on a blank mask use some markers or non-toxic fabric paint to put the design on your mask.  I personally chose a skeleton mouth, and I added some color. I used sharpies and then let it air out for a few weeks so I didn’t breathe in the fumes. Make sure you do this a little before Halloween so you can allow it to air out and you don’t breathe in fumes!

Remember, using the right mask, a little Halloween makeup, and the right clothes, you can have a great costume! Don’t let the pandemic ruin your Halloween!

4 thoughts on “How To Incorporate Your Mask Into Your Halloween Costume

  1. Emma – Your Halloween mask ideas are wonderful. I will not be trick or treating, but I will be passing out candy, and I’m definitely wearing a mask. I like the DIY ideas you suggested. Mrs. Welka


    1. Thank you! 🙂


  2. Emma~ WOW! Your such a problem solver!!! I love each and every one of your ideas! Maybe this year people will get back to making their own costumes to incorporate their masks, DYI costumes are always the best!!! Halloween is a perfect time to let your creative light shine!!! You are also such a good writer, keep up the good work and Happy Halloween 🙂 Perm AKA Traci Ambrose


  3. Emma… you’ve been a great writer since First Grade! This is fabulous! What great ideas! I bet your mask is awesome! Keep on writing!! Mrs Finke


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